Effectively Maximizing Data to Accelerate Business Growth

Now more than ever, residential, design, and commercial construction companies of all shapes and sizes are charged with finding innovative ways to grow their businesses. Sales and marketing teams in particular are on the hook to increase revenue, boost market share, cut costs, and uncover opportunities to streamline operations

As much as sales and marketing teams naturally rely on each other for success in these areas, in many cases the reality is that these two disciplines tend to operate in silos. The result oftentimes means that these two business-critical teams go about their day-to-day activities without the deeper interaction that could otherwise serve to grow the business at greater levels were they more tightly aligned.

This paper will teach you:

  • How to align sales and marketing and discover, develop and seize new business growth opportunities
  • How to define core building blocks of a successful data strategy
  • Common Challenges organizations face with data integration
  • How to implement data workflow strategies

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