Join Mark Boud, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist of Metrostudy, as he presents the 1st Quarter 2018 National Residential Economic Report.

First quarter report highlights —

  • The national housing market will continue to be significantly under supplied.
  • The national housing market is heading towards over valuation, but housing values are still nowhere near the levels of over valuation that prevailed in years 2005/06.
  • The surge in the remodeling/renovation market will continue in the near-term.
  • Overall, we’re in the top of the 7th inning of a challenging and rewarding housing market in an environment of under supply and increasing costs.

The National Residential Economic Report is a modeled forecast released quarterly of over- and under supply of housing in the nation, as well as over- and under valuation, which impacts the future of housing most significantly. The five-year forecast is further informed by recurring national indices that track construction starts, employment, and other key indicators, and provides us a framework to forecast the future state of housing across the nation, and in major markets.