If you’re like most building product manufacturers, you likely use a variety of marketing techniques to cater to the specific needs of your prospects and customers. Oftentimes, however, marketers can fall into the trap of only using a one-size-fits-all marketing schema, where messaging is created to be broadly appealing across a variety of audiences. While this approach likely is born out of the challenges of resource limitations and/or time constraints, the reality is that it ends up being only marginally effective in catering to customer requirements. This is the case because it doesn’t hone in on the specific needs of your unique audience segments.

Enter account-based marketing (ABM), the strategic profiling activity that targets key account profiles within a market to deliver account-level marketing personalization to those specific audiences. ABM is designed to drive demand while also fueling sales pipelines, it establishes much longer-lasting and valuable customer relationships because it delivers personalized marketing messaging tailored to the needs of an organization’s highest-value accounts. Buyers are more likely to respond to targeted personalization, which in turn offers you a competitive advantage and better results than generic marketing initiatives are able to deliver.

This whitepaper will share with you:

  • How ABM tops B2B marketing strategies
  • What ABM can do for you
  • How to get started
  • Real-world Success Stories

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