Take a look at most any industry today and you’ll see that mobile marketing has become ubiquitous nearly in every one. And it’s no wonder: in America alone, three-quarters of us own a smartphone.* Looking specifically at the residential, design, and commercial construction industry, Hanley Wood research shows that smartphones have become the preferred devices used most often by professionals at their jobs, with 84% of those surveyed indicating that the smartphone is their primary tool these days.

So with prospects and customers wanting and already consuming marketing content in this mobile fashion, one might think it’s a no-brainer for these audiences to simply tap into the marketing messaging that presently exists on a vendor’s website via their smartphones, and for the marketing organization in turn to just seamlessly reap the benefits of having this content live on yet another distribution channel.

The reality is that it’s a bit more challenging than that for most marketing organizations.

Download this playbook to learn about the top challenges faced in the implementation of mobile marketing and how to address them:

  • Creating a seamless customer experience
  • Measurement and analytics of mobile performance
  • Mobile Content Creation for Responsive Design
  • Aligning mobile strategy with trusted content

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*Pew Research Center