[Research Report] 5 Must-Know Tips to Make Your In-Person Event Successful

When it comes to all of the tactics at your disposal to engage a defined audience, whether it’s builders, architects, engineers, etc., nothing is more potent than in-person educational events. Events such as these help to humanize your brand by offering a forum where people can interact with one another directly and in person.

However, when it comes to the actual nuts and bolts of rationalizing and producing a live event, our recent research shows five fundamental hurdles cited by your peers today. This report will shine a light on each of these areas listed in order of priority, and will offer tips to prudently address and tackle each one.

  • Challenge 1: Measurement and ROI
  • Challenge 2: Follow-up and Lead Nurturing
  • Challenge 3: Recruitment and Registration
  • Challenge 4: Programming Services (speakers, content development)
  • Challenge 5: Logistics (venue selection, onsite management, food and beverage, signage)


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